Terracotta or clay craft is a clay based unglazed ceramic, where the fired body is porous and red in color. It is a symbol of man’s first attempt at craftsmanship, just like invention of potter’s wheel to use power of motion for productive purpose.
The art of pottery making dates back to the Indus valley civilization. Evidence of pottery has been found in early settlements of Mehrgarh. Various terracotta figurines depicted animals like cows,

TERRACOTTA : SOLAR POWER GENERATOR 300W P.V. SYSTEM (for lighting purpose) Know Us > Overview

1. Basic cost of the system with 2 Years warranty             1,27,730=00
     A.V. Module — 10g
2. General Tech. Specifications —

  1. 4 X 75 W = 300 W Solar P.V. Module
  2. Light C.F.L. 11 W — 6 No.
  3. 24V. 150 Ah Battery

3. Extra Items :- To run motor — An inverter of 300 W (Solar cum AC) cost = 7000=00 (Local market rate)
    Total Cost — 1,27,730=00
    Inverter -              7,000=00
    Total                1,34,730=00

    For 2 systems = 1,34,730=00 X 2 = 2,69,460=00

Solar Power Generator 300W P.V. System (for lighting purpose)
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